Welcome to the Peercoin Vanity Address Generator.

Source Code on Github

How to Generate a Peercoin Vanity Address .

Tested on Ubuntu 14.04

  1. git clone https://github.com/FuzzyBearBTC/vanitygen.git
  2. cd ./vanitygen
  3. ./vanitygen -G PFuzzy

Output you will see when it has worked will be:

$ ./vanitygen -G PFuzzy
Difficulty: 264104224
Pattern: PFuzzy                                                                
Address: PFuzzyiHvUuwh6VbUTy2PXGqDtFA3kUcZQ
Privkey: 78yCPnuXLe8cD2PUjjy1iq23WbSPhw3cp1aLiGHZz9Df9uZGKgg

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Any issues please contact Fuzzybear on peercointalk or raise issue in github